I love nature

Just went and put some stuff out for recycling and saw this beautiful creature having a meal… Had to rush back in to get the camera.  

The Moon

I was fed up reading / watching and listening about the royal birth, I decided to go for a walk to get some air. No tripod was used. Love the moon.

Harlow in the snow

I decided not to risk driving to work this morning, not because I didn’t trust my driving, but because I don’t trust others! On the way to the bus stop, I saw these. Harlow is quite beautiful in the  snow. [justified_image_grid]  

Blarney Castle

Alex wanted to swim with dolphins, so we went to Dingle Bay to see Funghi the Dolphin as a small tribute.We stopped off at Blarney Castle, in Co Cork, on the way. [justified_image_grid]

Dingle Bay

We didn’t see Funghi during our boat trip, but Simon and I did when we went out one morning. I didn’t take my camera, cos it ain’t waterproof. [justified_image_grid]