Southend 2006 19


Last Friday, we took our Aunty Maroulla and Uncle from Australia to Southend to see an English seaside and have some fish and chips!

Southend was much the same as always, with the boy (and girl) racers going up and down the seafront with their car hi-fis blaring. Can’t call them stereos any more. They’re much more than they were back in the day. God, I sound old!

We went to a chip shop we’ve been in before. It used to serve great food. This time, however, it wasn’t nice. Alex’s had skate, which was off. The chips were naff. Not sure if anyone enjoyed the food. I know I didn’t. Shall I name and shame the shop? Yes. It was Clarke’s, close to the Pier. Perhaps they were having a bad day, but I won’t be going back there anytime soon.

Wandered up the seafront, then into the amusment park, where Tom and Ben went on the rides, while the rest of us had doughnuts and coffee!



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