What a difference a day makes!

Saturday morning, there was a light sprinkling of snow left over from Friday. Gina and I took our usual walk into town for a coffee and shopping. Lovely and pleasant walk. Last week we sat outside Costa coffee saying it was probably the last one this year. We’d sat outside since April, sipping our coffee, watching the world go by and taking the pee 🙂

Saturday, we said we’d sit inside. It was too cold. We did sit inside. Watching the snow fall. Gently at first then heavier.

We finished our shopping then braved the elements.

The roads were chaos! Unfortunately, us Brits, not being used to driving in the snow, can’t cope. Most don’t think ahead and try to get round corners when there’s nowhere to go because the drivers in front don’t know how to drive in the snow and get stuck part-way up a hill. Can’t go up or down, so they stay put or slide backwards. Either way, traffic jams. As is usual, most people don’t leave space at roundabouts. The result? Chaos, gridlock and accidents. All the way home, on foot, Gina and I were hearing sirens. Police and Ambulance. And the ones that drive at speed! Shame on them.


The walk home is quite nice. Mainly downhill. The freshly fallen snow didn’t make the journey any more treacherous, but it did make it harder. I was pulling a shopping trolley. Yes, it had wheels. But they were small and didn’t rise above the snow. Should have got a sled! It would have been easier 🙂

We went again on Sunday.
24 little hours, like the song says!

Harlow, despite what some people say, is pretty. It’s even prettier in the snow.

And we got to see R2D2!



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